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what i do after 1 week holiday yea ??

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the real to do list :)

first : in the monday , i do my homework.. it's be my head is pain =,= and i singing xD
second : i always go hangout alone..but the same time i hangouts with family and friends :)
third : i wake up from sleep after 9 o'clock in the morning.. but sometimes, i wake up after 8 a.m xD
fourth : every evening , i go the shop.. i saw the ice-cream and i buy conetto my feveret :)
fiveth : the last thing's , everyday in the 1 week i just sleeping and do the my train.. so intersting.. hahahaha..
sixth : i'm keep learning the some book's.. i think comic =,=
seventh : i laugh with my mother.. coz , we wacthing the comedy film :)
eight : i ready to go school.. coz , i miss my partner..qila :) so long not see her :D

sorry my writting very bad.. coz , i'm not so excellent in the writting.. but my teachers said , if we practice to talk , speaking or writting in english , it's very good.. let be if what we talk or writting it wrong.. xD

p/s : ntah ape2 yg aku mencarot pon xtau la weyh !! jnji korg phm la.. ahhhhaaaaa xD

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